SeiKan.ME Migrated Again!

It has been a while SeiKan.ME hosted with VPS Malaysia's 256MB OpenVZ VPS. However, my journey to hunt a better and greater VPS provider in Asia region never end.

Suprisingly, I found a new home for SeiKan.ME. It's OneAsiaHost! It's not Malaysia, but Singapore based provider this time. I was attracted by their KVM plan when their first advertising their service online. Without too much worries, I signed for their KVM-128 VPS at UDS$7 a month.


to OpenVZ, KVM fully virtualized machine's hardwares which allow me to customize more features as I can do in a dedicated server. Two abilities that I commonly use are iptables, and swap space. Full control of iptables giving me flexibilites to add more rules to secure and stablize my little VPS. As well as swap space, it's giving me more RAM to run my scripts and websites while the actual memory allocated to my VPS is only 128MB.

The 10 x IPv6 addresses provided by OneAsiaHost is another plus. I finally got SeiKan.ME setup to accept IPv6 connection! If your ISP is supporting IPv6, you can access this site from as well.


8 months with OneAsiaHost now, I can see the owner kenshin is working very hard to improve their service and bringing more plans. Instead of common OpenVZ and KVM plans, there are SSD plans which using Solid State Drive. For those who do a lot database and hungry of disk I/O, SSD plan is perfect for you.

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  1. cinta2maret

    just know about oneasiahost thank you guys

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