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The bandwidth in Asia region is always costly. Therefore, it's very hard to get a budget VPS in Asia until I found Nocser on April 2010. Fortunately, they are launching 50% recurring promotion that time and I've catched the chance to get a VPS for USD $10/month. Their servers are located in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. This has been lured me to make my decision to move this blog from a shared hosting to VPS!

What are really make my impressed is I'm going to get a VPS under XEN virtualization with following specifications:

Memory: 512MB RAM, 1024MB swap Disk Space: 30GB Bandwidth: 300GB/month

I guessed it was first time they trying to launch a promotion. The promo codes provided are not usable until I contacted their sales team to resolve it. After I've made my payment, they took about 5 hours to setup my VPS as well as HyperVM account. Once my VPS is ready I requested them to help me setup the reverse DNS as well and they get it done within 2 hours.

When the first I login using SSH to my VPS, I've found that the time zone of the VPS is incorrect. Since I'm new in XEN VPS, I'm trying to sync the time but failed. After researched around, I found that it was problem with hardware clock of the server node. I contacted their support team and quickly get a reply. From my experience here, the average respond time of their support is less 20 minutes, which is really a thumb up practise! Their support seem to less experience on the server node configuration but hopefully they managed to get it fixed eventually.

Finally my little blog is running on Nocser. After few month of using their service, there is only one critical down time which took around 1 hour until I notify them. It was problem due the cable from their bandwidth provider is not properly plugged to the switch. They fixed it less than 10 minutes and VPS back up. Afterall, the performance is smooth until now.

If anyone are looking for a VPS in Asia region, I'm highly recommend Nocser. Give them a try, and I hope you won't be disappointed.

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  1. buyoq

    actually, you can try to view aswell.they offered quite reasonable price for a malaysian based VPS.


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