How to avoid unwanted or hidden files from uploaded in CuteFTP

I'm using CuteFTP ftp client since couple years ago. To make myself easy, normally I will directly drag the whole folder to remote server.

There is one thing annoying me during the transfer. Some unwated and hidden files inside the folder are uploaded too.

Eventually, I have found that I can use the filter function in the CuteFTP to avoid these files from being uploaded. It's pretty easy.

  1. Choose from the menu View > Filter to open the Filter page.
  2. On the Filter Properties tab, tick the follow options.
  3. Switch to Filter NOT Mask tab, and add in any file name you want to filter out during ur file transfer. I added "Thumbs.db", and it's not visible in CuteFTP client now.
  4. Now, you can doing batch upload with these unwanted files filtered.

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