Malaysia Postal Code 马来西亚邮区编号

之前写了一个程序,收集全马来西亚的邮区编号。今天把收集回来的资料整理一下,再与Google Maps API做整合,做出了一个全马来西亚的邮区编号数据库。 我已经把资料做成CSV(Comma Separated Values)文件,方便用在各种不同的资料库。有兴趣的朋友,不妨下载看看。 以下为数据里面的其中一部分:


由于这些数据都是我的程序自动收集回来的,难免会有些资料不准确。如果发现资料不对,请告诉我,我会马上更正。 迟些会做一个搜索界面,让大家搜索马来西亚任何一个地区的邮区编号。

更新[05 June, 2009]: 新增邮箱以及政府部门邮区编号。

I have wrote a program to grab postal code for whole Malaysia last time. I have reviewed these data and intergrated its location with Google Maps API today. Finally, the database for Malaysia Postal Code is released!

I have converted the data into CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, so that it can implemented into any kind of database system easily. If you are interested, it's worth to download.

Below is the sample of the data:

Country Code, Postcode, Area, Post Office, State, Latitude, Longitude

These data are collected with an automated process, so I can't guarantee the accuracy. If you found any incorrect information, please inform me to make correction. I will implement this data to make a search interface soon. Cheers!

UPDATE[05 June, 2009]: Postal code for P.O.Box and Government Departments added.

I have made a dedicated website for this project. Future updates will available at


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    thank you

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    之前为了要得到电子资料的 postcode , 还特别去买了 'national postcode book' RM15 per book 来看. 谢谢。

  1. dupont

    there is a lot of missing codes in your list, you can compare with a list here :

  1. Sei Kan

    Thank you for remind me about this. Current database do not include P.O.Box and Government Departments postal code. I will include it later.

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    Where can I buy the National Postcode book please

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    Thanks you very much for the full list of postcode :)

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