RapidShare Premium Account



今天看到有人卖1个月的RapidShare Premium Account,每天流量10GB,仅需RM25.00。没有想多,就买下了一个。呵呵,今晚可以疯狂的下载了!


  1. @chio

    Seikan, last time i heard my friend said got 1 software can help u to dl the files in rapid share d..... it is something like u open the dl program, then u paste the url of the rapid share, it will help u to dl all the related files.... so, u no need to dl the file 1 by 1. hehe... quite nice o...

  1. Sei Kan

    @@achio If I'm not mistaken, it's a downloader called "RapGet". I used before, but it's no longer working.

  1. Peter

    They've fixed it.. Rapget is no longer working.

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