Enable Panorama Mode in Your iOS 5 without Jailbreak

The new iOS 5 is actually comes with a hidden feature which is Panorama mode in camera app. Unfortunately, Apple has disabled it to public at this moment.

After few days of digging, developers find out users can actually enable the panorama mode without jailbreak the device. I have tried it out, and it's works! Just few simple steps to complete this task.

  1. Download and install the iBackupBot from here.
  2. Plug your device to PC and select "Backup" from your device list.
  3. Open iBackupBot and select your backup file. Find "Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist" from your list and double click to open it. Just press cancel if the registration windows pop out.
  4. Find the line with "DiskSpaceWasLow" and insert the following lines after the <false/> value.
  5. Save it and press the "Restore" button at top to restore the backup to you device. Wait a while and your device will now have panorama mode ready!

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