Amazon Cloud Drive

When I start saying about cloud, many people may think that I'm ponting to the "marshmallow" on the sky. Unfortunately, I'm talking about cloud computing.

Cloud computing may sound like a new thing to you, but it definately not a new technology, it existed more than 30 years ago! However, cloud computing becoming popular as the cost of hardwares is now reducing due large demands and mass producing.

Amazon released their first beta version of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud services on 2006. Few years later, cloud has been introduced by other companies as well, such as Rackspace, linode, and even Microsoft comes in to share the cake with their Azure services.

Now days, mostly of the major websites are hosted with Cloud. Facebook, twitter, foursqaure, digg, etc... All these popular websites with high traffics are hosted with Cloud environment.

Yesterday I found that Amazon is offering their 5GB Cloud Drive service for free. This is really a good news for me. I can now store my pictures, documents, and music online. As a music lover, I really like the Cloud Player provided where you can listening your music only. I heard that Apple is going to release their music cloud with iOS5 as well. That's great!

To get your FREE Cloud Drive is quite easy. Just go to and sign up an account. The registration steps are simple and direct.

Once, you finished your registration, and you can start uploading files!

Here is the MP3s I uploaded.

It's quite easy to listen to your music. Just click on the song title and a music player will appear at the bottom of the page. And surprisingly, the speed is good to Malaysia using streamyx! I have no lag at all when listening online. I think one of the reason is Amazon have compressed file size when streaming.

This is a good oppotunity to try out new things. Don't stay on the ground, time to fly over Cloud! If you need bigger space, you may consider to pay at a reasonable price too.

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