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Many of my friends and colleagues are getting iPhone 4 recently. Since many of them are not quite familiar with user interface and usage of iOS on their iPhone, so I'm going to share some tips I discovered.

最经很多朋友与同事都纷纷买了iPhone 4。但他们多数都不会操作iOS那独特的界面。在这里写下一些我所知道的使用小技巧,希望可以帮到大家。

Text Correction

When you are typing rapidly and just before you want to send your message, you find out there is a spelling mistake. You can tap and hold on the line. A magnifier will appear, and you now can move the cursor to that position and correct the word.

纠正错字 当您迅速打好您的短讯后,枉然发现竟然打错了一个字?不用着急,把手指停在同一行,直到一个放大镜出现。移动您的手指就可以把光标移到错误的位置作更改了。 Disable Auto Correct

iOS will try to guess the word you are typing and auto correct it. To stop this, type a "Z" before you type anything. Move the cursor back and start typing with your own language without auto correct.



Fast Clean Up

After you have type a long message, you suddently decided to clear them all? You can actually clean it fast without hitting backspace and delete character by character. Just shake your iPhone and tap "Undo Typing" on the screen.


打了一大堆字,突然想把全部都清除了?其实您不用一个字一个字慢慢删除的,轻轻地摇摆一下您的iPhone,然后点击显示中的“Undo Typing”,就可以完全清除了!

SMS Delivery Report

iPhone do not have an option to enable SMS delivery report by default. If you want to get a SMS delivery report for your SMS, just type "n#" before your message. Your recipient will not see the "n#". This is working with Maxis and Celcom users only, sorry DiGi!



Back To Top

No matter what application you are using, Facebook, Contact, Twitter, Safari, etc.. If you have scroll until to bottom and you can scroll back to top, just simply top the top part of your screen (at clock area) and it will scroll to top instantly.



Call Control

When someone is calling, press the sleep button at the top once to mute the ringtone. Press another time to engage the call.




Press the "Call" button on keypad to redial last dialed number.



Check IMEI

Key in *#06# to check your phone IMEI number.

查看IMEI 输入 *#06#可以查看您的IMEI号码。

Bandwidth Usage

You can check your bandwith usage at Settings > General > Usage. The bandwidth usage is total of Sent and Received value. Reset the statistic everything base on your bill cut off date for accurate calculation. This is useful for Maxis users with limited bandwidth. Remember to turn off your Cellular Data in Settings > General > Network when it's not in use.


您可以随时在Settings > General > Usage 部分检查数据流量的用量。流量为Sent与Received的总数。Maxis的用户可要多多留意啦!记得不用时,去 Settings > General > Network 关闭 Cellular Data。

Photo Tricks

When you are capturing a photo, press and hold the Camera button first. Release to take photo once the object get focused in order to get clear shot!



Take Screenshot

Press the sleep button on top and home button together to take a screenshot of your screen.




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