My iPhone 4 is finally here!

It was afternoon of 14th October. After 2 weeks of waiting, I finally received SMS from Maxis to ask me collect my iPhone 4 32GB from Maxis Centre, Bayan Point by 15th October morning. Now, let's share some photos of my new toys!

Basically, these are what you get in the box. iPhone4, power adapter, USB cable, an earphone, guide book, and that's it!

Wow, the display color is really nice.

With the Retina display, you can't even see a pixel with closer look. Ops, these are some of my favorite games! There are adddictive!

Everyone love to shoot the back of their iPhone 4, I'm wondering why?

A side by side compare with my existing iPod Touch 3G. Can see the color of iPhone 4 is a lot sharper?

iPod touch is slimmer and lighter if compare with iPhone 4. This is for sure as iPhone 4 equipped with more hardwares.

I've ordered a very nice bumper actually, but it's still on the way to Malaysia. So I'm currently using a RM12 white casing to protect it.

Really like it so much! Everyone should get one~


  1. vivian

    Wow...really pro oh, that day i got it at first day of lauching, n i took the photos until now not yet posted out, bcuz the capture doesnt look nice lo....dunno how to capture the speciality to make it looks more attractive.

  1. Sei Kan

    Hahaha.. I just take photos follow my feel :)

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