How do I Setup My Ubuntu VPS?

It has been a long time since I wrote my previous technical article. Since this blog just migrated to a new Virtual Private Server (VPS), let me share about how I setup my VPS.

If you want to host your website on the machine, please make sure you have minimum of 512MB RAM for better performance. Once you purchased a new VPS, your provider should offer you a control panel to manage your machine. The most common control panel for VPS is HyperVM and SolusVM. You should able to rebuild the machine with your choice of OS, boot, reboot, shutdown, and some normal settings as in a real machine. Although Linux CentOS and RedHat is a better choice for a Web server, but I personally like Ubuntu. Therefore, my machine is rebuild using Linux Ubuntu 9.04.

Once my machine is ready, I connect into my machine using SSH. Before that, please make sure you have PuTTY on your local machine. PuTTY is a telnet/ssh client that let you connect and manage your VPS through command line. The common port for SSH is 22.

After connected your machine, login with your root username and password.

The first thing I will do is changing the time zone of my machine with following command.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Since I'm using my VPS to host a website, I need Web server to be installed. I need a hosting controller to manage my hosting as well. On Linux machine, CPanel and DirectAdmin are the best choices. However, both of them are not free. I won't burden myself with these since I have an alternative. I've reviewed most of the free hosting controllers, Virtualmin is the best for me! Virtualmin will install all the software required for a hosting environment for me. These are including Apache Webserver, MySQL, Mail Server, DNS Server, etc...

Now, let me make a temporarily directory on my machine and download the setup file for Virtualmin.

mkdir /_tmp
cd /_tmp

When the download is completed, issue following command to run the setup.


Follow the instructions given, and the installation should be completed within 10~20 minutes depends on your machine performance and connection speed.

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