Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS

Bandwidth in Asia region is alway costly. In addition, there are lack of competitors, VPS hosting in Malaysia is more expensive if compared to other countries in US. If you do not know what is a VPS, you can refer to my previous post here.

By a chance, I've seen a 50% promotion for a VPS server from a Malaysian hosting company - Nocser. The good news is, their servers are located in local data center! Regardless the price, connection speed is important to maintenance my VPS. Without thinking too much, I've made my decision to purchase a VPS from them.

Surprisingly, Nocser is using Xen virtualization technologies instead of OpenVZ. Wow, that great! Xen virtualization is more similar to a dedicated server and mostly it's always sold in higher price. Since all of my other VPSes are using OpenVZ, it's worth to have a try on this new stuff. I've took their unmanaged package with following specs:

  • 30GB of disk space
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 300GB of monthly bandwidth

This is more than enough for me to run my own blog system. I knew that CentOS will be a better option for a web server, but I've rebuild my VPS with Linux Ubuntu 9.04, my favorite Linux choice!

After finished all the setup and configurations, everything works great! A giant step for me, moving my little blog away from a shared hosting to a VPS!


  1. Sei Kan

    So far so good. Their server node was having wrong time settings previously but their manage to fix that afer I notify them. There is only one down time since April 2010 which is related to their cable from bandwidth provider. Download speed is about 250kb/sec to US.

  1. Wing Loon

    How is your hosting with Nocser so far? Please share your review...thank you :)

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