RapidShare to RapidShare Script

I saw many people are using RapidShare services and some of them are transloading existed files into their collector account to earn points.

Although there are many leeching applications available out there, and somebody even selling their own scripts. As a Web developer, I think it's good to come out something light and sharing this with everyone. Therefore, I have wrote a small PHP application to make the migration tasks in RapidShare easier.

It's working with both free and premium accounts. However, I'm not really try out the premium download yet as I do not have a premium account on hand.

Feel free to try it out and feedback to me.

Download: http://seikan.me/files/rs2rs1.0.zip (6.26 kb)


  1. hatdinhduong

    Ok i'll check it right now. thank you very much!

  1. none

    The download link is as dead as the script ?

  1. he

    can you reupload the file ?

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